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First of all, before starting to say about creating a well-established e-commerce website, I would like to convey something about what is meant by e-commerce? E-commerce is nothing but “business trading through Internet”. This system defines enabling online movements of buying, selling goods, services and information. For keeping a strong foot in e-commerce business world, […]


Android 5.0 Lollipop:  Today, Mobile technology is used broadly among people because it becomes an essential  part of life. Android 5.0 “Lollipop” is the latest  version of the Android mobile operating  system implemented with modern technology  developed by Google.  It is the most ambitious and prestigious release  for Android yet and filled completely with  newly […]

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The Internet is a fast-paced growing business. To keep your site savvy, both web designers and developers must keep up with latest technologies and upgraded with simple web design strategies in mind. Web design blogs aids to gather knowledge, information and inspiration together. Do you really want to be updated with the current news and […]

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Internet is the everlasting industry in today’s trend, so it is mandatory for web designers to keep updated with its latest emerging trends and technologies. It is not that much easy to run a website in an effective manner without proper design. This is why; it sustains heavy competition in this field. Again when we […]

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    We are glad to share our triumph with you! Due to our ultimate passion and love in mobile technology, we tasted the bit of success in this field. Hence,We proudly divulge the truism that we, Blazedream technologies have been awarded third prize for one of the most prestigious events for Windows App development “The […]

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Mobile app has various ground breaking features that aids to simplify the accessing of your business for your valuable customers. It helps to eliminate the need of the computer and laptop. This app has been tailored specifically to fit the needs of a small business. It becomes immensely popular among people in which there enhances […]

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Nowadays, mobile technology is blooming to a great extent that renders a new channel of communication between people. Other than this, no other technology has evolved so much in this short span of time interval. Introduction of this latest technology has brought about an extensive revolution in the digital world. The usage of mobile phones […]

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SMAC – THE  NEW FAVOUR OF IT SERVICE COMPANY   The Indian software industry’s exports may grow by about 13% in fiscal year 2014 to $87 billion to offer a new business model SMAC IT vendors will forecast $118 billion this year and $130 billion by 2015 and they will generate at least $225 million in SMAC related revenue […]

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Dear Sahana , Many More Happy Returns of the Day! May All your Dreams Come True! Wishing you a Successful year Ahead!     By Blazy’s

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Dear Dinesh, Wishing You a birthday filled with sweet moments and wonderful memories to cherish always! Many More Happy Returns of the Day! May All your Dreams Come True! Wishing you a Successful year Ahead!   Enjoy Your Special Day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep Rocking… :)

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