Statistics says that one quarter of online shopping is done through mobile device, there are about 5 times more mobile device users than desktop users and the sites that you view on your computer screen are also available on your mobile screen.     Mobile compatible sites will ultimately help you bring in more traffic […]


Website maintenance services are essential to keep your website as professional as you are, that has a huge impact on your business and helps to yield more revenue by bringing customer trafficking to your website. Your website’s credibility can be impacted by outdated content, broken links, security concerns, so it’s always good to maintain your […]

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It’s an open source web application framework. Cake PHP is the most popular framework which saves your time during coding and subsequently your money. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach and is written in PHP, it minimizes architectural headaches and employs many features from Ruby On Rails. Cake PHP allows web development companies to design […]


It was only few years back were mobile phones came into existence and with gadgets barely able to fit in our pockets. Initially mobile phone where used only to call or send a text message to your family and friend.   With the advent of smart phones, mobile phones have shattered the very clichéd thought […]


Web Design is a skill of maintain your website, creating a website involves a careful planning and a lot of thinking. No matter how much useful information you put into your web page, visitor will view your website only for few seconds just skimming through the contents of your web page. Despite having a great […]


Internet marketing is all about advertising your business online and grabbing customer’s attention that gives a greater reach to your business. In order to draw custom’s attention and web trafficking to your site, you need to market your business online and Online Marketing is only possible with a uniquely designed, well formulated website. A website […]


E-Commerce is an Electronic commerce as the term itself explains that buying and selling of products and services can be done online through internet or computer networks, Website is the most important point from where one can display his product/services and then can target the customers or prospects through communicating them.   E-commerce sites help […]


SCHEDULE Three days focused on bringing designers and content strategists together. MailChimp’s Thursday-night party and Friday’s kickoff with Creative Mornings—just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. Ready for responsive? It’s not just about layout anymore: a responsive redesign will uncover challenges with your current design, development, and publishing processes. Whether you’re just starting […]

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This entirely covers the CSD learning objectives and agile engineering practices   Pre-Requisites? Prior Class Completion Of Either: Introduction to Scrum Fundamentals (1 day class) Certified Scrum Master (2 day class) A fundamental understanding of practical Object Oriented Programming practices A laptop with a working development environment that you can bring to class with you […]

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“Platform for innovation in the new age of mobile developer ecosystem” Key Themes Discussed at this Summit: • The overview of mobility in an ever-increasing digital age • Using HTML5 to building cross platform mobile apps • Developing high performance applications for all platforms using source code conversion technology • Mastering the increasing amount of […]



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