There are lot of marketers and Business owners who are aware of the term “Google adwords” but aren’t sure if and how it can work for them. Adwords are highly scalable which is the only reason some business spend millions of money a year on adwords advertising. You can subsequently increase your leads and profit […]

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Web Analytics, the great way for web developers to know how successful their websites are performing & examine how well their online stores are working. Once, the webmasters integrates the web analytics code into the websites, they can access huge range of useful reports. These reports provide a detailed study of the success of the […]

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Facebook is a social network that has gained success of in social networking scene and it has also exceeded its competitors all the way to its current position at the top of the social media sphere providing its services to over millions and millions of users. Facebook provides a Pay per Click (PPC) service that […]

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Pay per click, the fastest growing successful optimization campaign which brings huge number of visitors to the website for the products and services offered. PPC optimization provides maintenance of an effective, efficient and reasonably priced advertising campaign increasing the online marketing ROI. Our PPC Management Services include Keyword Research – Keyword research and of right […]

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Google has introduced a new feature designed to help internet marketers to track the performance of ad extensions in AdWords. Ad Extensions are designed to make search engine marketing more significant to Google users by allowing brands to expand their ads with additional information like site links, product images, location and phone extensions. Users can […]

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The most significant component for the success of PPC online advertising is that writing a high quality descriptive advertisement in-order to increase the click through rate (CTR) and the turning those visitors into customers. In PPC, the main purpose of writing cache advertisement is to attract the viewer’s attentions as much as possible. Write for […]

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Although, if you have unlimited budget to spend on paid search, you may not get more number of ad impressions you want. This is because, money does not matter always and you are not the only advertisers in the world. Search engines try to show everyone’s ads. Improve ad quality – Ad quality is a […]



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