A content management system is essential for you to set up a blog or portal for your business purpose. The most commonly used CMS (content management system) platforms are:   • Joomla • WordPress • Drupal These platforms offer a wide range of options to users and developers and are all based on PHP and […]


Not all contents in your website are effective that can convert your visitors into customers. Most business websites fail to inspect contents on their static pages, the static pages can help you a lot in generating leads. A valuable content can help you to build a brand and generates lead for your business. “Content marketing […]

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Choosing the right language is one of the main things involved in the process of web application development. The recent development in the field has provided the application developers with a number of alternatives when it comes to scripting languages. One can choose from the different types of languages. The languages used for web application […]


Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn – Father of the Internet Tim Berners-Lee – Inventor of WWW Ray Tomlinson – Father of Email Michael Hart – The birth of eBooks Gary Thuerk – The first Email spam Scott Fahlman – The first emoticon Marc Andreessen – Netscape Navigator Jarkko Oikarinen – Internet Relay Chat, IRC Robert […]

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Get the attention The title should be eye catching & descriptive. Grab the attention of the readers. Tell the readers what they would get out of this post. Use keywords, hyperlinks and make them bold which serves as a good highlight for the readers. Get to the Point Make it brief, make it short. Write […]

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Sometimes, even best writers lose control over how to perceive their audience & how to write messages for their audience. It’s important to remember that every reader carries a unique set of life experience and expertise in their reading. Just posting huge amount of information does not satisfy the requirements of the readers and also […]

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Authors write extensive articles and submit them in the article submission sites. Some articles will get approved immediately on first review, but some get rejected. To make the article to be approved on the first attempt, here we have discussed some of the points for consideration. Match the name in the resource box to the […]

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Content is the king of web media. Search engines and web users both look for information. An article is written focusing both the end users and search engines. Search engines are algorithm that cannot able to see pages with graphics or layouts, it looks for content. Search engines endure itself with the job of indexing […]

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“Article title” is the significant impact for the success of the article. The first 3 – 5 words of the title imply how dramatically it increases/creates traffic for an article generated to a website. Though the author writes the world’s best article with a poor title, the potential traffic for the article will not be […]



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