There are lot of marketers and Business owners who are aware of the term “Google adwords” but aren’t sure if and how it can work for them. Adwords are highly scalable which is the only reason some business spend millions of money a year on adwords advertising. You can subsequently increase your leads and profit […]

On Wednesday 09,2010 , In CSS, by superadmin

Web designing and development offers multitude solutions and techniques to create nice drop down menu effect. It’s just a basic and simplest technique to create nice drop down menu. Now the CSS for Styling: ul.topnav { list-style: None; padding: 0 20px; margin: 0; float: Left; width: 920px; background: #222; font-size: 1.2em; background: Url(topnav_bg.gif) repeat-x; } […]

On Saturday 15,2010 , In CSS, by superadmin

A web designer or web developer tries to minimize his time for design or creating a website. It is very important to improve the productivity and maximize the profit. Here, some CSS tools are mentioned below which are categorized by their function. Optimizer/Formatter CSSTidy – It is an open source CSS parser & optimiser. CleanCSS […]



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