Web designing is gaining more popularity and has lot of scope in today’s world. A good web design comprises to produce a great website that is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. Your website should be in such a way that it attracts a considerable amount of traffic and lows bounce rate. The landing pages […]

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The color scheme-The Color scheme in our web design is breathtaking. Our design has been developed over a fluid layout with an interface which, despite not being very intuitive, allows us to browse with ease. The interactive experience is top drawer. Homepage-Fashion industry is always looking for the latest trend to absorb and then spread […]


The web today is a growing universe, can you believe that the first website is 20 years old which was published in early 90’s. It has evolved, and it’s better than ever that includes interlinked web pages and web apps, teeming with videos, photos and interactive content. As the time progress, web technologies have evolved […]

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Prospective employees are the rich assets of any organizations with sustainable growth. Hence the role of Human Resource Management is ought to be extraordinary as they engage in hiring the best talents for the organizations. Most of the companies have unique strategies, processes and courses of action, which are tend to be highly time consuming […]

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“Good time of a company comes only with the committed employees.” Either a start up, medium or large size business, effective employees play an essential role for persistent growth of the company. To take up the organization to the next vertical, it is highly significant to review the performance of each and every employee from […]

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Tired of using hoardings, models and banners to market your valuable jewels?? A simple strategy is just that getting the customer’s attention even when they are comforting in their homes in front of the system. An easy route is to initiate a website which corners the jewelry at one’s end. Before developing a website, spend […]

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There are thousands of website design companies that are eager to provide you with a website which will improve your business. But it is essential that you choose the right one. Your choice of web designers should understand your business and make sure that your site is highly visible to the search engines and consequently to […]

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How To Choose The Best Web Development Company? In today’s competitive web world, we are in a hurry to choose the best web development company to get our business websites built as soon as possible. It’s essential for any business to have a quality web site that represents them well online. But for creating a […]

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Gone are the days, when mobile was just used for making calls and a source of communicating device. Today mobile devices have become an important part in our daily life and its usability has stretched its wings much farther than just sending and receiving calls and texts. Due to the availability of Internet on cell […]

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BlazeDream has been invested with sizeable team of PHP developers, who have years of experience in Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) & AJAX. BlazeDream developers have large pool of experience in developing web based applications framework & open source technologies and deserve a title of “the leading PHP development companies India”. We provide custom application […]



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