On Tuesday 18,2011 , In Web Applications, by superadmin

Auto redirecting what is it and how it can be, many web designers use these techniques for number of reasons. Auto redirecting is nothing but when the visitor enters into a webpage/website and he/she is redirected to another webpage/website. Its one of the popular technique used in search engine optimization strategies to make the website […]

On Monday 31,2010 , In Web Development, by superadmin

Mod_Rewrite is one of the most useful modules which a server can have in terms of SEO. 301 redirect using Mod_Rewrite is one of the best options suggested for redirecting a page from one URL to another. Mod_Rewrite allows to organize the file structure of the website in a dynamic way. If your site URL […]

On Friday 28,2010 , In Web Development, by superadmin

Today, webmasters dominates the internet market who always updates, edit and delete the web pages. The best way to redirect a page is possible using 301 Redirect. What this 301 redirect does? Is it obviously redirects to a different page when activated? Is it safe? Dont worry about the search engine penalizing you for it. […]



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