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Content marketing is nothing but portraying a large story about your organization, the contents are designed to engage audience to achieve a profitable behavior. Content strategy in other terms is to have a useful content which is a greatest asset to your business. Content marketing strategy is a detailed plan of addressing your customer needs […]

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Get the attention The title should be eye catching & descriptive. Grab the attention of the readers. Tell the readers what they would get out of this post. Use keywords, hyperlinks and make them bold which serves as a good highlight for the readers. Get to the Point Make it brief, make it short. Write […]

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Sometimes, even best writers lose control over how to perceive their audience & how to write messages for their audience. It’s important to remember that every reader carries a unique set of life experience and expertise in their reading. Just posting huge amount of information does not satisfy the requirements of the readers and also […]

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Content is the king of web media. Search engines and web users both look for information. An article is written focusing both the end users and search engines. Search engines are algorithm that cannot able to see pages with graphics or layouts, it looks for content. Search engines endure itself with the job of indexing […]

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“Article title” is the significant impact for the success of the article. The first 3 – 5 words of the title imply how dramatically it increases/creates traffic for an article generated to a website. Though the author writes the world’s best article with a poor title, the potential traffic for the article will not be […]



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